Website Features

A world class website

that works for you while you are out of the office show me

Back office administration

log in and take a look

Client communications

– email alerts – When a visitor saves their search criteria, they get an email alert when a new property is added that matches their search criteria  show me

– print and email – Print or email one or more properties quickly and easily from the backend  show me

– buyer/lessee profiles –  Save client profiles in the backend and have listing notifications sent automatically if there is a match when they are posted show me

Property classifieds

automatically updates a real estate classifieds/portal.  For example, over 50 estate agents in Zimbabwe upload to their own cloud websites and all listings automatically update to and – contact us to see what portals are functioning in your country.


the site loads extremely fast due to optimisation techniques

Home page customisation:

– menus and sub-menus show me

– header, colours and background easily show me

– slide show and thumbnails show me

– change widgets on home page show me

– log into the back end   show me

Responsive design

enables your website to look beautiful on mobile devices, tablets and full screens  show me

Advanced search functionality:

– by province, town, suburb, # of bedrooms, bathrooms, min and max price show me

– with multiple select allowing you to choose a variety of criteria at the same time  show me

– by sales, rentals, short term rentals, category and reference number

– by size of land, buildings, office, shop and warehouse space

– by general, outdoor and indoor features and amenities

– by sole mandate, repossessed, auction

– by properties with pictures only

Multi currency

visit our demo site  and click the $ symbol in the top right to see how instantly this changes   show me



visit our demo site  and click the flag in the top right to see how instantly this changes  show me


Google maps

visit the demo site, click search and then show/hide map.  This is an optional feature.  You can also choose to have a map as your home screen  show me


Update in one place

all you need is internet and you can access your whole portfolio from anywhere

Social media

one click to share a listing on facebook, twitter, email, print, gmail, pinterest, linkedIn and many more  show me


Brochures and reports

can be customised and exported into word, excel, pdf.   show me report    show me brochure

Visitor statistics

Google Analytics web statistics including visitor count, and location, and source of website traffic  show me

Multiple branches

Display multiple branches (optional). List properties and agents per branch show me

Show days

Set show days date and time per property  show me


square metres, acres and hectares, mandate status, views, sold and rented properties shown for limited time


CRM Features (Customer Relations)

Client login

search criteria based email alerts, and save favourite properties Show me

Email templates

create email templates with automatically filled in fields from back office  Show me blank template   Show me email result

Property reports

view, email, print or edit property activity reports including adverts, viewings, show days and offers  Show me


Contact management

contact management including private contacts and source of contact  Show me


Buyer/lessee profiles

buyer/lessee profile management including buying or renting criteria matching

Email or print

easily email or print multiple properties based on buyer profiles  Show me


Bulk emailer

bulk email all your registered users with a newsletter  Show me



track emails (automatic), calls, and meetings  Show me


Property Management Features

Management reports

build your own dynamic reports using any fields  Show me


Brochure, flyer creator

create your brochure or flyer with one or more properties already in the system quickly and easily Show me


Audit history

automatic audit history of changes made, who made them and when Show me

Manage properties

– manage properties and mandates  Show me

– featured and custom amenities  Show me

– add images and youtube videos  Show me

– add files and documents  Show me

– agents and branches  Show me agents    Show me branches

– minimum, recommended and list price  Show me

2 access levels

users and settings access level and data capture access level

Manage viewings and adverts

keep track of all the viewings made and adverts placed per property Show me viewings     Show me advert


Manage offers and commissions

keep track of all offers and commissions. Easy monthly reporting on these if kept  Show me

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